Personalized Online Software Architecture Courses

Software Architecture Courses & Workshops

Personalized Online Software Architecture Courses

Hello, hello! We have received a lot of messages asking if we are going to give presential workshops or courses in the upcoming months and therefore we decided to write a post answering all your questions. Also, in this article you will find options for personalized online software architecture courses and workshops.


Personalized Online Software Architecture Courses

First of all, this year we decided to make an emphasis on personalized courses and workshops for companies, aimed at satisfying the specific needs of each business. Here we offer 3 options: offline, online, hybrid option.

We offer practical, hands-on experience. Our tailor-made software architecture courses will perfectly fit your requirements. We design the material together so we can teach the tools, technology, architecture and processes of your current project. We tackle current issues and find optimized solutions following best practices, and you will be able to implement the acquired knowledge right away.

Since they’re tailor-made, these courses can be adapted in terms of schedule (half-day, executive, evenings or intensive)

These customized trainings can also be used to diagnose problems: when choosing the requirements of your personalized course, these can be complemented with Apiumhub’s consultancy services. By first detecting which are the real issues, the training can then focus in the causes more than the symptoms and be more effective.

Online Software Architecture Workshops with renowned experts

We offer practical, hands-on experience. We collaborate with leading software architects and influencers in the industry who can share valuable insights and help you apply theory into practice.

We regularly organize workshops with well known software architecture experts, such as:


  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards is an experimented software architect focused on the architecture, design and implementation of microservices architectures, service oriented architectures and distributed systems. He’s also author of many books and technical videos.
  • Luca Mezzalira
    Luca Mezzalira is the vice president of architecture at DAZN. In his 16-year career, Luca has worked on cutting-edge projects for mobile, desktop, web, TVs, set-top boxes, and embedded devices. Luca is a Google Developer Expert on web technologies, the author of Front-End Reactive Architectures (Apress) and manager of the London JavaScript community.
  • Patrick Kua is a seasoned technology leader with almost 20 years of experience. His personal passion is accelerating the growth and success of tech organisations and technical leaders. He has had many years of hands-on experience, leading, managing and improving complex organisations and software systems as the CTO and Chief Scientist of N26 (Berlin, Germany) and as a Technical Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He is a frequent keynote and conference speaker, author of three books including The Retrospective Handbook, Talking with Tech Leads and Building Evolutionary Architectures and runs the free popular newsletter for leaders in tech, “Level Up”.
  • Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
    Rebecca is an object design pioneer who invented the set of design practices known as Responsibility-Driven Design (RDD) and by accident started the x-Driven Design meme. She authored two popular object design books that are still in print. She was the design columnist for IEEE Software. You can find her design columns, papers, and writing at In her work, Rebecca’s helps teams and individuals hone their design and architecture skills, manage and reduce technical debt, refactor their designs, and address architecture risks. She also teaches and conducts workshops on design heuristics, agile design skills, system qualities, and a pragmatic approach to Agile Architecture. In her spare time she jogs (even in the rain). Rebecca is program director of the Agile Alliance’s Experience Report Initiative. She serves on the Board of the Hillside Group. Recently has written about the relationship between patterns and heuristics, architecture decision-making, and patterns for creating and managing magic backlogs. If you are interested in writing about your experiences, articulating your design heuristics more effectively, or sharing your wisdom in pattern form, contact Rebecca. She can help you turn your itch for writing into the written word.
  • Dave Farley
    He is a thought-leader in the field of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Software Development in general.He is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book ‘Continuous Delivery’, a regular conference speaker and blogger and one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto.Dave is now an independent software developer and consultant, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.
  • Zhamak Dehghani works with ThoughtWorks as a principal consultant, with a focus on distributed systems architecture and digital platform strategy at Enterprise. She is a member of the ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board and contributes to the creation of the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Zhamak has worked as a software engineer and architect for 20 years in the areas of distributed computing communications, as well as embedded device technologies and she has contributed to multiple patents on embedded mobile sensing devices.
  • Neal Ford is a Software Architect at ThoughtWorks. He is an internationally recognized expert on software development and delivery, especially in the intersection of agile engineering techniques and software architecture. Neal authored magazine articles and authored many books including “Fundamentals of Software Architecture”, “Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change”, “Functional Thinking: Paradigm Over Syntax”, “The Productive Programmer (Theory in Practice (O’Reilly)” and many others, dozens of video presentations, and spoken at hundreds of developers conferences worldwide, one of them is O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference. His topics include software architecture, continuous delivery, functional programming, cutting edge software innovations, and includes a business-focused book and video in improving technical presentations. His primary consulting focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise applications.

And many others!


So, let us share with you the online workshops options that we have so far:

  • Architecture: The Hard Parts
    2 x 4 hours remote workshop with Zhamak Dehghani, Neal Ford, and Mark RichardsThis hands-on, platform-agnostic architecture class goes beyond the fundamentals of software architecture and focuses on the really hard problems. This class focuses primarily on aspects of distributed architectures and on areas surrounding modularity versus granularity, the challenges of event-driven architectures (including difficult error handling issues), distributed architecture patterns and how to decouple services to achieve proper granularity.
  • Shortcut to Tech Leadership
    Online guided workshop with Patrick KuaThis is an online guided workshop that accelerates your tech leadership journey. This workshop will boost your skills, accelerate your career development, offer you tools and tricks to lead technical teams and guide you through the journey from maker to multiplier. Your trainer (Pat Kua) will guide you and your cohort through the workshop using a variety of methods optimised for a fully remote, digital world.
  • The Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline
    Online guided workshop with Dave FarleyThe Deployment Pipeline organises all our software development efforts to go from “idea to valuable software in the hands of users.” This course explores the detail of implementation and CD practice for creating Deployment Pipelines.
  • DDD for Messaging Architectures
    6 x 4 hours remote workshop with Mathias Verraes and Thomas CoopmanDomain-Driven Design is exceptionally suitable for this: its fundamental principles are universal to software design, and apply well to all kinds of architectures: focus on domain language and collaborative modelling, Bounded Contexts, and mapping the relationships between Contexts.

    What has changed, are the techniques to achieve those goals. This workshop takes a highly practical approach to improve your toolkit for reasoning about message architectures.

  • Data Mesh: Domain-Oriented Data
    4 x 4 hours remote workshop with Zhamak DehghaniThis is one of the most comprehensive hands on tutorials on Data Mesh, ever presented. It takes you through a journey of introducing Data Mesh as a multidisciplinary paradigm shift in how organizations manage and use analytical data at scale. This tutorial is a holistic introduction of Data Mesh including what it is and how to design and execute its implementation – considering all facets such as architecture, technology, team structure, execution roadmap and governance.
  • Continuous Delivery Better Software Faster
    Online guided workshop with Dave FarleyDave Farley guides you through the seven essential techniques that you can apply to get the benefits of Continuous Delivery for your software, your team and your business.
  • Decision-making practices for evolving and sustaining software architecture Workshop
    Rebecca Wirfs-Brock & Ken PowerWhen you choose a solution, you also take responsibility for the problems and issues the team, business, and customers will live with, possibly for years to come. Architecture agility implies responding to change using approaches appropriate to the context. This workshop is for you if your job title is architect, technical leader, senior engineer, engineering manager, technical product manager, technical program manager, or something similar. You make or contribute to the difficult decisions in developing your product or system.

Interested? Please contact us!


Companies that trust us

Here you may find some of our clients that come from over the world and among them you may find: Xebia, Nuvolar, Rakuten TV, SEAT, Zinio, Roche, Voxel Group, Ubeeqo, Opentrends, Mascoteros, Mango, EY, Allianz, Wallapop, Tiendeo, Oracle and many others.

If you are interested in any of these software architecture workshops or If you work for a company and are interested in tailor-made courses, request a call with our training team.

At Apium Academy, we are at your disposal to discuss a training plan according to your needs!

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