Apium Academy

Apium Academy is based in Barcelona and offers high-quality courses by leading software developers to those interested in building working software and improve their skills. Our students come from all over the world, but they all share the same passion to learn and will to grow.

Our software development courses offer practical, hands-on experience. We tackle current issues and find optimized solutions following best practices, and you will be able to implement the acquired knowledge right away.

Our Online Workshops

At Apium Academy we're passionate about software development, and that's why we're organizing Workshops with well known experts.

Architecture: The Hard Parts

2 x 4 hours remote workshop with Zhamak Dehghani, Neal Ford, and Mark Richards

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Shortcut to Tech Leadership

Online guided workshop with Patrick Kua

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Get Going with CD Pipelines

Online guided workshop with Dave Farley

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The Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline

Online guided workshop with Dave Farley

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Data Mesh - Domain-Oriented Data

4 x 4 hours remote workshop with Zhamak Dehghani

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DDD for Messaging Architectures

6 x 4 hours remote workshop with Mathias Verraes and Thomas Coopman

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Continuous Delivery Better Software Faster

Online guided workshop with Dave Farley

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Tailor-Made Software Architecture Courses

Our tailor-made software architecture courses will perfectly fit your requirements. We design the material together so we can teach the tools, technology, architecture and processes of your current project. These tailor-made courses complement our software development courses since their purpose is to go in-depth with topics you’re more interested in or that are specific to your company.


Apium Academy is comprised by highly qualified software engineers that are truly passionate about teaching:

Our Courses

Apium Academy offers high quality courses for developers of a mid-high level, both knowledge and experience wise. These are not your typical introductory software development courses, but more in-depth and practical:

Android Architecture Course

Architecting Android: Patterns & Best Practices is not just another Android introduction course. This training is specially addressed to Android experts looking to expand their knowledge and learn how to apply best practices in their everyday routine.

Product Ownership Course

This course will provide you detailed insights on the Product Owner role. Product Owners are one of the most demanded professional positions, yet few companies fully understand the role.This course will review all the sides, attributions and responsibilities of a Product Owner in an Agile Environment.

EventStorming Course

During this EventStorming course you will achieve a common shared understanding of a business and you will find a way to model problems with software effectively with a Domain-Driven Design mindset.

Backend Architecture Course

In this course about Backend Architecture you will learn how to work with Kotlin, how to architect your code to be scalable and maintainable and how to appropriately respond to business.

Frontend Architecture Course

In this course about Frontend Architecture you will learn how to work with Angular in a reactive way, architect your code to be scalable and maintainable, understand how to use the framework properly, how to test your application and how to create a complex UI using best practices.

Legacy Code Course

In this course you will learn to work with legacy code. Understand which code should be modified, maintained, or rewritten. You’ll see lots of code, to train your instinct as well as tools to deal with legacy code and understanding which one applies.

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