Our Team of Professors: Software Architecture Experts

Apium Academy’s team of professors is made up of highly qualified software architecture experts, developers and tech professionals who are passionate about teaching. They are software architecture experts that follow the “never stop growing” philosophy, a philosophy they also apply to teaching and sharing their knowledge.

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We are always looking for tech professionals that have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge so they can collaborate with us.

We’re looking for developers who love quality code, best practices and working software. Software architecture experts who face real issues on their daily jobs and know how to find optimal solutions, and want to share these methodologies with other developers.

If you think you could fit in with us and want to be a part of our team of professors, contact us ASAP!

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Visiting Professors

We at Apium Academy have the luck to collaborate with prestigious visiting professors that come to the academy to teach specialized workshops. We’re delighted to welcome such talented professionals and we want to keep collaborating with them so they can share their knowledge with the community.

Some of these visiting professors are:


We like to be part of the tech ecosystem. That’s why we collaborate with companies, entities and communities that are a reference in our world, like:

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