Top 21 Log Management Software Tools

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Top 21 Log Management Software Tools

Logs are not an easy thing to deal with, but it is an important aspect of any production system. When you are faced with a difficult issue, it’s much easier to use a log management solution than it is to weave through endless loops of text-files spread throughout your system environment. Gone are the days of painful plain-text log management. The big advantage of log management tools is that they can help you easily pinpoint the root cause of any application or software error, within a single query. The same applies to security-related concerns, where many of the following tools are capable of helping your IT team prevent attacks even before they happen. Another factor is having a visual overview of how your software is being used globally by your user base, getting all this crucial data in one single dashboard is going to make your productivity rise substantially. And when it comes to doing extended analysis to gather insightful infrastructure data and improve the quality of your code it pays to invest in reliable log management software tools that can empower your business workflow. And today we will analyze top Log management software tools that you can try and use. 


Top 21 Log Management Software Tools


1. Splunk 

Spluk provides a platform that can turn machine data into answers. Splunk log management has features of index machine data, search/correlate & investigate, drill-down analysis, monitor & alert, and reports & dashboard. It will allow you to collect, search, store, index, correlate, visualize, and analyze any machine-generated data.

2. SolarWinds Log Analyzer
It Easily investigates machine data to help identify the root cause of IT issues faster. Also, it performs log aggregation, tagging, filtering, alerting and effective troubleshooting. It has features of event log tagging, powerful search & filter, real-time log stream, event collection & analysis. The tool will allow you to execute searches using multiple search criteria and apply filters. It will provide an interactive and real-time log stream and color-coded tags to log data.

You will get a rapid identification of performance and availability issues.


3. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer 

It will give you end-to-end log management. It has features for Log Management, Application Audit, Network Audit, IT Compliance, SIEM, and Cross-platform Audit. It can perform the monitoring of the network devices, security log, application log, and event log. A real-time event correlation will help you to discover complex attack patterns. And application log monitoring will give you actionable insights by collecting, analyzing, and correlating any application log data. 

4. Sematext Logs 

It is a centralized log management solution available in the cloud or on-premises that allows you to collect, store, index and perform real-time analysis of logs coming from a wide variety of data sources. It features live log stream, alerting, and powerful searching & filtering capabilities for DevOps that want to troubleshoot faster. It has features that allow to have real-time correlation of logs with metrics and other types of events. It handles large volumes of data.



Provides a centralized solution for log management. It can provide the deployment in the cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises. This software will perform real-time aggregation, monitoring, and analysis of the logs. It has features of modern UI, fast search & filtering, and smart alerting. It has features of real-time alerts, archiving, and automatic field parsing.

LogDNA is privacy shield certified and iIt has the capacity to handle 1M log events per second and more than 100 terabytes per customer per day.


6. Graylog

It offers a centralized log management solution that can capture, store, and perform real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data. Terabytes of data can be brought in from multiple log sources, data centers, and geographies. It is horizontally scalable in your data center, cloud, or in both. Also, it provides a faster alert on cyber threats. It will allow you to schedule the reports and provide enhanced search, views, and dashboards.


7. Logentries

Logentries is a cloud-based log management platform that makes any type of computer-generated type of log data accessible to developers, IT engineers, and business analysis groups of any size. Logentries’ easy onboarding process ensures that any business team can quickly and effectively start understanding their log data from day one.

It has features that allow real-time search and monitoring; contextual view, custom tags, and live-tail search. Also, it allows dynamic scaling for different types and sizes of infrastructure and gives In-depth visual analysis of data trends. Custom alerts and reporting of pre-defined queries is one of those differentiated features. And it has modern security features to protect your data as well as flawless integration with leading chat and performance management tools.


8. uses machine-learning and predictive analytics to simplify the process of finding critical events and data generated by logs from apps, servers, and network environments. is a SaaS platform with a cloud-based back-end that’s built with the help of ELK Stack – Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana. This environment provides a real-time insight of any log data that you’re trying to analyze or understand.


9. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a unified logs and metrics platform that helps you analyze your data in real-time using machine-learning, Sumo Logic can quickly depict the root cause of any particular error or event, and it can be setup to be constantly on guard as to what is happening to your apps in real-time. Sumo Logic’s strong point is its ability to work with data at a rapid pace, removing the need for external data analysis and management tools.


10. Papertrail

Papertrail is a log management service that takes care of aggregating, searching, and analyzing any type of log files, system logs, or basic text log files. Its real-time features allow for developers and engineers to monitor live happenings for apps and servers as they are happening. Papertrail offers seamless integration with services like Slack, Librato and Email to help you set up alerts for trends and any anomalies.


11. Cloudlytics

Cloudlytics is a SaaS startup designed to improve the analysis of log data, billing data, and cloud services. It’s feature offers real-time alerts of errors as soon as they appear. Also, it has sophisticated user interfaces for getting a truly in-depth view of your data.


12. NXLog

Today’s environment of IT departments can provide a layer of challenges when it comes to truly in-depth understanding of why events occur and what logs are reporting. With thousands of log entries from a plethora of sources, and with the demand for logs to be analyzed real-time, there can arise difficulties in knowing how to manage all of the data in a centralized environment. NXLog strives to provide the required tools for concise analysis of logs from a variety of platforms, sources, and formats. 


13. McAfee Enterprise

The McAfee Enterprise Log Manager is an automated log management and analysis suite for all types of logs; Event, Database, Application, and System logs. The software’s in-built features can identify and validate logs for their authenticity,  a truly necessary feature for compliance reasons. Also, it offers custom storage and retention options for individual log sources.


14. Bugfender

Bugfender is trying to impact with its high-quality log application for cloud-based analysis of general log and user behavior within your mobile apps. It offers intuitive bug analysis that lets you track your app errors and get them patched up before they reach production.

Also, it has remote logging that sends all log data directly to the cloud services provided by Bugfender as well as custom logging options for individual devices.


15. Motadata

Motadata does more than just manages your logs; it can correlate, integrate and visualize near any of your IT data using native applications inbuilt within the platform. Motadata is capable of monitoring the status and health of your network, servers, and apps. Contextual alerts ensure that any critical events or pre-defined thresholds will notify you or your team using frequently used platforms like Email, Messaging, or Chat applications. It has extensive log sourcing options: Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers (Web, App, Sys), Databases, Anti-Malware Software, Mail Servers, and more.


16. Nagios

Nagios provides a complete log management and monitoring solution which is based on its Nagios Log Server platform. With Nagios you can increase the security of all your systems, understand your network infrastructure and its events, and gain access to clear data about your network performance and how it can be stabilized. It has a powerful out of the box dashboard that gives customers a way to filter, search, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of any incoming log data. And it offers custom alert assignments based on queries and IT department in charge. 


17. Loom Systems

Loom Systems provides AI-powered log analysis for watching over your digital systems. Their advanced AI analytics platform predicts and prevents problems in digital business by connecting to your digital assets and continually monitoring and learning about them by reading logs and detecting when something seems likely to go off course.



BLËSK Event Log Manager is an intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective iT and network management software solution. With BLËSK, you can collect log and event data automatically with zero installation and zero configuration. It has feature to centralize, analyze, and control logs from all of the equipment on your network and more as well as collect log and event data in real-time from any device.


19. Alert Logic Log Manager

Alert Logic offers full stack security and compliance. Their Log Manager with ActiveWatch is a Security-as-a-Service solution that meets compliance requirements and identifies security issues anywhere in your environment, even in the public cloud. It collects, processes, and analyzes data while the ActiveWatch team unlocks the insights in your log data.

It offers 24×7 expert monitoring and analysis and cloud-based log management.


20.WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring is a log management tool that delivers advanced visualization features that enable IT teams to make faster decisions and improve productivity. With WhatsUp Gold, you can deliver network reliability and performance and ensure optimized performance while minimizing downtime and continually monitoring networks.


21. Loggly

Loggly is a cloud-based log management services that can dig deep into extensive collections of log data in real-time while giving you the most crucial information, on how to improve your code and deliver a better customer experience. It offers custom tags that let you find related errors throughout your log data. Also, it has data analysis dashboard that gives you a visual glimpse of your log data.


I hope you found this article useful! If you know other log management software tools that you have tried and liked, feel free to share them in the comments section below! And if you would like to know more about how to build scalable software, check our online courses & workshops here

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