About the Product Ownership Online Course

This course will provide you detailed insights on the Product Owner role. Product Owners are one of the most demanded professional positions, yet few companies fully understand the role. This course will review all the sides, attributions and responsibilities of a Product Owner in an Agile Environment.

You will get to know and practice technical aspects such as Backlog management, User Stories, Prioritization and soft skills like communication, expectation management and leadership to name a few. It will also teach you how to imagine, plan and work with a product life cycle.

Certificate: After finishing the course, the student will receive a Completion Certificate.

Course Language: The course will be entirely in Spanish.

Product Ownership Online Course topics

  • Products and Product Leaders
  • Vision and Product Strategy
  • Roadmaps and User Story Maps
  • User Stories
  • The PO in SCRUM methodology
  • Release planning : Forecasting and Validation
  • All topics include multiple practical exercises

Reference Materials: Alongside the course, students will be given reference materials with additional information.

What will you learn during the Product Ownership Online Course?

  • What the product owner role is really about.
  • Collaborative work tools for product definition.
  • How to create a product strategy.
  • How to craft a product roadmap.
  • How to write great user stories.
  • How to manage expectations and align the actors of a project.
  • How to work with a backlog effectively.

Starting Date, Duration & Schedule of the course

Starting Dates:

  • Online 1st Edition – September 29th

Duration: This course consists of 12 hours divided into 6 sessions of 2h each (3 weeks).

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:30.

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Ramón Felip

Ramon is a Product Owner at Apiumhub. He is a Software Engineer, MsC., MBA and PhD. Ramon has founded 2 very successful startups, and has been on all the sides of the business. He is focused on product, project and people management.

Price & Payment Methods

Next edition date is TBD

You can choose between three different payment methods for this course:

  • Method 1: Bank Transfer
  • Method 2: Installment Payment
  • Method 3: Direct Payment using Xing

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