About the Frontend Architecture Course in Barcelona

In this course about Frontend Architecture in Barcelona you will learn how to work with Angular in a reactive way, architect your code to be scalable and maintainable, understand how to use the framework properly, how to test your application and how to create a complex UI using best practices.

You will get to know: all the building blocks of an Angular application, the basics of Typescript, how to manage your application state with Redux implementation (RxJs) and how to apply TDD to keep the code free of bugs.

Certificate: After finishing the course, the student will receive a Completion Certificate.

Course Language: The course will be entirely in Spanish.

Frontend Architecture Course topics

  • Typescript (polymorphism, inheritance, immutability…)
  • CSS Architecture (BEM, flexbox, grid…)
  • HTML for Angular (Directives, Pipes, Attr, Events…)
  • RxJs (Observer pattern, operators…)
  • Decoupling services (Repository pattern, domain service…)
  • Testing
  • Components + CDK (accessibility, portals, overlays…)
  • Patterns (MVP, MVVM, MVC, Factory, builder, adapter, facade, decorator…)

Reference Materials: Alongside the course, students will be given reference materials with additional information.

What will you learn during the Frontend Architecture Course?

    • How to develop using Typescript
    • How to architect CSS
    • How to use Angular features and create complex components
    • How to organize your work seamlessly to follow best practices and start applying TDD
    • How to organize your work and break down complex requirements into easy to solve tasks
    • How to choose the proper tools for every issue
    • How to develop using reactive programming
    • How to decouple your application from infrastructure
    • How to test your application
    • How to architect your app

Starting Date, Duration & Schedule of the course

Starting Date: The course will start on September 14th.

Duration: This course consists of 24 hours divided into 12 sessions of 2h each.

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 18:30 to 20:30.

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Alberto Albericio

First and foremost, Alberto loves simplicity. Simplicity can be applied to deal with every situation in our lives. In software development, making simple and rational micro-steps are key to solid, robust, performant, scalable and maintainable software. For more than 20 years, he’s been involved in designing critical frontend architectures (tools and patterns) that conform the foundation of successful products.

Price & Payment Method

Next edition date is TBD.

You can choose between three different payment methods for this course:

  • Method 1: Bank Transfer
  • Method 2: Installment Payment
  • Method 3: Direct Payment using Xing

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