About the DevOps Tools Course in Barcelona

During the DevOps Tools: Containers, Docker and Kubernetes course, we will use a simple application written in Go as a playground context to understand how to apply Docker and Kubernetes in our daily CI/CD activities. The main objective of the course is to get familiar with the most important resources of Kubernetes and start to be fluent with the Kubernetes API and Kubernetes CLI.

Certificate: After finishing the course, the student will receive a Completion Certificate.

Course Language: The course will be entirely in English.

DevOps Tools Course Outline

  1. Basic tooling and setup (vs code editor, terminal and bash)

  2. Docker and containers (12 hours)

    • Virtual Machines vs Containers

    • Docker architecture overview and local setup

    • Building docker Images and understanding layering, multistage builds

    • Running docker containers

    • Docker networking

    • Docker compose

    • Docker alternatives for building images: Kaniko

  3. Kubernetes and Orchestrators (12 hours)

    • Architecture overview and local setup

    • Running pods

    • Exposing pods with Services

    • Kubernetes networking: Kube DNS

    • Understanding rolling updates and blue green deployments

    • ReplicaSets and Deployments

    • Ingress Controllers

    • Liveness and Readiness Probes

    • Configuration and Secrets

    • Persistent Volumes

    • StatefulSets

    • Managed K8s options by main cloud providers: GKE, EKS, AKS

Reference Materials: Alongside the course, students will be given reference materials with additional information.

Starting Date, Duration & Schedule of the course

Starting Date: The course will start on March 9th.

Duration: This course consists of 24 hours divided into 8 sessions of 3h each.

Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays from 18:30 to 21:30.

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Pau López

Pau is a veteran software developer with years of experience in learning, teaching, designing, architecting and crafting software systems. He is mainly focused on mastering DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS and Distributed Systems with strong believe in CI/CD automation. He is also founder, organiser and speaker of Barcelona .NET Core.

Price & Payment Method

Late Bird Tickets are available until March 6th at a price of 550€.

You can choose between three different payment methods for this course:

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