What will you learn during the Designing object models: responsibility, trade-offs and heuristics workshop?

  • Each model has its trade-offs and the context should lead the design
  • Use different visualisation techniques to create insights over the problem at hand
  • Design heuristics to guide the creation of the object models

Requeriments: 1 year of experience designing and implementing software
We use Miro for the online workshop. We provide an explanation in how to use the tool

Designing object models Workshop: Topics

  • Introduction to the problem, using the outcome of an EventStorming, Example Mapping and Bounded Context Canvas (15 min)
  • Design the models, documenting the responsibilities, the trade-offs and the heuristics used (45 min - in groups of 3 to 4 people - one of the persons in the group will take the role of observer, where she/he will right the heuristics used by the people that are designing the models. Every 15 minutes the person in the observer role will change)
  • Walking gallery, presenting the results to the groups(30 min)
  • 1-2-4-All (from Liberating Structures) where the groups start to discuss the different models, in order to blend or select the one that better fits with the problem. Per step, a person will fulfil the role of the observer to capture heuristics (45 min)
  • Presenting the preferred model to the problem at hand, discussing the heuristics used and how it influenced the design (30 min)
  • Feedback and Check-out (30 min)


  • Class Start: 17:00 (Barcelona GMT +2)
  • Class End: 21:00

About João Rosa

João is a Strategic Software Delivery Consultant at Xebia. He believes software architecture is the fine balance between tradeoffs. João focuses on helping teams and organizations to make strategic decisions regarding the software; aligning teams and software to optimize the stream-based value. He believes in the power of collaboration and is a fan of visual collaboration tools. João often speaks at international conferences, one of them is O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference.

About Kenny Baas-Schwelger

Kenny blends IT approaches like Domain-Driven Design and Continuous Delivery with visual collaboration tools, Cynefin framework and Deep Democracy. With that socio-technical mindset, Kenny Baas-Schwegler empowers and collaboratively facilitates organisations, teams and people in designing and building sustainable quality software products.
One of Kenny’s core principles is sharing knowledge. He does that by writing a blog on his website baasie.com and helping curate the Leanpub book visual collaboration tool. Besides writing he is also active in the Domain-Driven Design community as an organiser of Virtual Domain-Driven Design (virtualddd.com) and Domain Driven Design Nederland and as a public speaker is giving talks and hands-on workshops at conferences and meetups.

Date and Price

The Designing object models: responsibility, trade-offs and heuristics workshop will take place on TBC. The price is 100€. You can choose between three different payment methods for this workshop:

  • Method 1: Bank Transfer
  • Method 2: Installment Payment
  • Method 3: Direct Payment via Xing

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